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Are You Over-Networked?
In the job hunting world, networking is treated like the cure-all to job searching problems. Here are some of the "statistics" on networking I found: 90% of jobs are not advertised. 65% to 90% of jobs are filled by networking. Networking is the best way to find a job. Talking to people working in your target areas is the best way to find out more...
Share Price and Balance Sheet Improvements ... Employment will be Next
Those who follow the financial markets have plenty of reason to be optimistic. Share prices, credit spreads and company balance sheets have all improved. However, the number one concern for most workers is unemployment. What has happened to the unemployment rate? Back in April there were signs that the world markets were starting to stabilize. We...
#1 Reason to be Happy: The Joy of Exiting an Especially Tough Recession
This recession will probably be longer and be slower to recover than all the other recessions in the past 50 years. Despite widespread pessimism this is actually good news. This recession is especially painful for two reasons: it related to a financial crisis and it is synchronised across many different countries. The recovery of a financial...
Madness? £60,000 Banking Salary Traded-In for a Start-Up Hedge Fund
Unlike many, back in 2008 my MBA classmate won an Associate job offer with the Investment Banking Division of an American bulge bracket bank. He accepted and started in their London office. After 4 months I expected him to be delighted to be still so gainfully employed. After all, jobs were (and are) so hard to find and other big banks were going...

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Numeracy Test Practice Sponsored by J.P. Morgan

Many employers use numerical reasoning tests both pre-interview and during assesment days.

There is one certain way to get better at taking these tests .... practice!

It may sound obvious, but almost ALL candidates show a dramatic improvement once they have practiced the style of questions you get in one of these tests.

“It is a very good and mind exhausting test, I liked it!” Tamer Abdel Ghani, Edinburgh
“Very practical... Thanks” Chinyere Nwosu, Newcastle Upon Tyne
“Thanks for the test. It was informative.” Michelle Ban, London Business School

Finance Jobs Puzzle: Market Breakdown

Secondary trading, M&A, private equity and retail deposits. All of these are familiar terms to anyone working in the financial service industry. Less well known is the breakdown of which divisions are responsible for the bulk of financial services business.

There was a staggering $2.5 trillion of total financial services revenues (in 2007) but how was this carved up? Perhaps the M&A bankers walked away with the lion's share of the revenues. Or perhaps the mutual fund sales teams generated more than their pinstriped cousins.

Find out how the financial services market is divided up with this jigsaw puzzle.

Jobs Puzzle
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