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Finance Jobs Puzzle: Market Breakdown
Secondary trading, M&A, private equity and retail deposits. All of these are familiar terms to anyone working in the financial service industry. Less well known is the breakdown of which divisions are responsible for the bulk of financial services business.

There was a staggering $2.5 trillion of total financial services revenues (in 2007) but how was this carved up? Perhaps the M&A bankers walked away with the lion's share of the revenues. Or perhaps the mutual fund sales teams generated more than their pinstriped cousins.

Find out how the financial services market is divided up with this jigsaw puzzle.

Each piece of the jigsaw represents a slice of the market. Larger pieces mean larger revenues.

Subdivision titles (like Retail Banking, Asset Management and Investment Banking) go along the top. The market pieces belonging to each subdivision fit beneath these headers.

Drag and drop the pieces of the jigsaw into the correct places. When you have a piece in the right place, it will snap into position and change colour.

The current record is 49 seconds ...


Figures based on 2007 Oliver Wyman financial model projections.

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