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Graduate Oil And Gas Jobs

We noticed more and more users were searching for info on jobs in the oil and gas sector. We gathered all info we had on graduate oil pipeline and gas jobs and tried to create a one stop source to help everyone find what they need.

Graduate oil and gas jobs can generally be found in the Energy sector, and there are a host a high paying jobs available.

Here is a quick overview of the Energy sector:

With the current media frenzy covering global warming and diminishing fossil fuels, the Energy industry is busier than ever. There is an increasing need for energy conservation, improved energy management, and advanced technology in energy production. If you want to change the world, this may well be the industry to work in.

Salaries vary between sectors, Energy Conservation officers can expect starting salaries of £18,000-£20,000, Mining Engineers will get more like £20,000-£25,000 and various roles within the science of energy production could earn you starting salaries of £25,000-£30,000.

Jobs in the Energy sector include: -

  • Engineers
  • Conservation officers
  • Operations managers
  • Hydrogeologists, marine biologists, geochemists etc.
  • Distribution/Logistics management

Other sectors which generally offer jobs in the oil and gas sector:

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Graduate oil and gas jobs found in our company profiles

British Energy direct marketing jobs
British Energy
UK, seven advanced gas-cooled reactors (AGR’s) and one pressurised water reactor (PWR), which combined have a generating capacity of approximately 9,600 megawatts. In addition we own Eggborough, a coal-fired power station that can generate almost 2,000 megawatts. Our electricity is sold in a variety of ways, including through the Company's direct supply business, British Energy Direct.
Job Sector: Energy
Ofgem graduate recruitment scheme
of the UK's gas and electricity industries which occupy a central position in the UK economy, contributing substantially to GDP, and have been valued at close to £100 billion. They provide essential services for domestic industrial and commercial gas and electricity customers. Ofgem's principal objective is to protect the interests of consumers, present and future, wherever appropriate by promoting effective competition.
Job Sector: Energy
Balfour Beatty marketing graduate schemes
Balfour Beatty
of electricity, gas and water systems; the construction, management and maintenance of motorways and highways, new schools and hospitals - projects that directly improve the lives of people and their communities. In every case, your skill and energy will be shaping the very fabric of the world around us.
Job Sector: Industrial & Engineering
Golder Associates employer search
Golder Associates
land; EIA; ground, gas and air quality; hydrogeology and hydrology; landscape architecture; sustainability and corporate services; waste management; PPC and permitting; mining; ecology; noise; archaeology; planning...
Job Sector: Industrial & Engineering
AkzoNobel internet jobs
reduced greenhouse gases by 18% and energy use by 13% between 2000 and 2005. In addition we’ve removed one million litres of volatile organic compounds from our water based paint, our Dulux Trade Ecosure range was a category finalist at the Green Business Awards 2008 and, as part of the AkzoNobel Community Programme, we have supported almost 800 projects across the world. We’re certainly looking forward to a very bright future – we hope you’ll be part of it.
Job Sector: Industrial & Engineering
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TMP grad scheme
In fact we think we're spoilt with talented and experienced people and we invest heavily into their development. That means, in turn, we can bring to our clients expertise and knowledge plus oodles of enthusiasm and energy. But we're always on the look out for new talent to join TMP.
Job Sector: Advertising, Media & PR
Monarch Recruitment graduate schemes
Monarch Recruitment
and Gas and Education sectors throughout the UK and into Europe. Why Work for Us? As an independently owned recruitment consultancy, anyone joining Monarch Recruitment Ltd will benefit from having direct input in to not only your own career development, but also the development and growth of Monarch Recruitment as a business. We recruit talented individuals to work on specialist ‘patches’ whereby you run your recruitment desk as your own business.
Job Sector: Recruitment Consultancies
Watson, Farley & Williams LLP graduate employment
Watson, Farley & Williams LLP
and gas, power and energy, international trade, shipping (wet and dry) and aviation. The group also advises on the enforcement of security over vessels, marine pollution, marine insurance, shipbuilding, charterparties, and offshore oil and gas contracting. The firm has one of the largest litigation practices of the offshore firms in Singapore.
Job Sector: Law

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KPMG graduate recruitment scheme
to everyone from oil companies to music gurus. But it’s not just what KPMG does that’s important. It’s the way that we do it. The values don’t just live on a wall. They’re a way of life, underpinning the way KPMG works with clients and with each other. So what can you look forward to at KPMG? Exposure to clients from day one. Working on challenging projects.
Job Sector: Consulting
Ernst & Young graduate trainee job
Ernst & Young
what it boils down to. From your first day the challenge we set you is to make a difference in everything you do. If we can help you achieve your goals, then you’ll be helping us achieve ours. If you’re not looking for a graduate position yet, but still want to find out more about how we do things, think about taking part in our Summer Internship Programme or Industrial Placement Programme.
Job Sector: Accountancy & Actuarial

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